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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dark Skies

Director Scott Stewart returns to the big screen with Jason Blum for Dark Skies and the result is Disappointing not just for fans of Blumhouse And Sci-Fi horror but also at the box office.

The story is simple, normal family dealing with financial hardships encounters weird moments that question their sanity. 
This movie takes slow burn to a new level. It's a good 30 minutes before things get going and it feels even longer with needless character back story. As the film goes on it starts going against its own premise for example we are told and reminded that this family is struggling with money, but everyone has an iPhone, they have a huge house, the dad has one of the high end Apple Macs. And when all the creepy stuff happens the Father (Josh Hamilton) then goes out and buys top of the line security cameras that would make Paranormal Activity 2's security cameras to shame.
The acting is good between Hamilton and Kerri Russel as they play a couple that has their marriage strained by these incidents. The conflicts are acted out beautifully but its J.K Simmons character that steals this movie as he plays the expert the family consults after everything else they have done is exhausted. He saves the movie from being a complete bore fest, he plays the role with such grace u can't help be feel sorry for him because his role is so short.
Some of the dialogue here is some of the worst I've heard in a while. One character in particular, a red headed 15 year old douch bag drove me insane with lines like "I had this one girl on my jock." and "did u feel her titis? Man, you gotta go down town, that's what I do with all my ladies." I wish the aliens had captured him and anal probed his ass. If this movie ended with that red head getting anal probed it would be my favorite film of the year so far.
The third act of the film plays like the earlier half where the the family goes out and buys guns and a dog with the money I guess they all of a sudden have.
There is one great scene in the finale in which they could have ended it and I would have given it higher praise but nope, they pull a "IT'S ALL A VISION" bullshit that just makes you throw your hands up and go mother fuck!
This movie had such potential to be cool and deliver a scary alien home invasion film but nope, they blew it. It feels like Insidious without the cool, it's like an old X Files episode of the later seasons that got thrown out.

1.5 out of 5
 -Fearless Froude 

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