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Friday, May 17, 2013

Award Winning Zombie Film The Eschatrilogy: Book of the Dead Hitting DVD and VOD

The European zombie anthology film The Eschatrilogy: Book of the Dead from Safehosue Pictures U.K has been making the festival rounds and been sweeping up the awards.
Runner up best film at Fantastic Fest U.K, being an official selection at the Killer Film Festival in Massachusetts as well as being an official selection at Grimmfest in 2012.
Director Damian Morter's third film is currently at the Cannes market and we have the official trailer to get you ready for the DVD and VOD release this August.

The population is now scarce...a young man called Matthew now seeks refuge and solitude in the hill tops and mountains, spending his days repetitively picking up the starving dead by the roadside and burning them on his fire. One day he encounters Cal, a mysterious stranger who passes out in his camp. Matthew takes him in, and upon inspecting Cal's possesions, he comes across a journel, which documents 3 stories of horror Cal has experienced upon his search for "THE STORYTELLER" an ancient demon who has caused the death and chaos which now surrounds them...but as Cal sleeps and Matthew reads on, something approaches from the forests around them and soon. they will no longer be alone..."

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