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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Box Office Report: 42 Fucks Were Not Given About Scary Movie 5

This weekend we had five new releases hitting theaters a baseball movie, a dumb comedy, and two limited release films.
42, the baseball film, opened with a surprising $27 million making it the biggest baseball movie opening ever beating out last years Moneyball which made $19 million on its opening weekend. In second we have the film that has sunk so low I am surprised some people even went and saw it. Scary Movie 5 only made $15 million. The lowest in the franchises history, in fact, Scary Movie 4 released in 2006 made $40 million in its opening weekend. Hopefully the Weinstein's get the point that building your movie around a cracked out dude who claims to have tiger blood and everyone's favorite red headed train wreck Lindsay Lohan doesn't work.
Nothing beats horror like animated kids movies as Fox's The Croods comes in #3 with $13 million and G.I. Joe: Retaliation keeps the forth spot with $10 million. Our beloved Evil Dead (Review Here) dropped down to 5th with $9 million making its total gross so far $41.500.00.

Next week Universal will throw everything they got with Tom Cruise in Oblivion opening up in a record 3,8000 theaters which is the biggest release of any Universal Studios movie. We also have Rob Zombie's return to the big screen with his latest film The Lords of Salem opening in limited release with only 300 theaters. And Filly Brown in just 175 theaters (What the fuck is Filly Brown?)

Top Box Office 
1. 42                             $27.250.000
2. Scary Move 5           $15.153.000
3. The Croods               $13.200.000
4. G.I. Joe Retaliation  $10.800.000
5. Evil Dead                 $9.500.000

Source: Box Office Mojo 

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