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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Last Exorcism Part 2

The Last Exorcism was a surprise late summer hit in 2010. A found footage exorcism movie directed by Daniel Stamm and produced by Eli Roth was really creepy and touched on some very mature subjects like incest and rape in a PG-13 rated film. Now we have part 2? So is it part 2 of Nell's last exorcism? Why is there a sequel to something we have been told that is the last one? I mean Friday the 13th did but- oh fuck it The titles confusing I know!
The film picks up where the last one left off with everyone being killed at the end of the first movie (if you didn't see the first movie don't worry they have a flash back at the start of the film) Cotton Marcus gets engulfed in flames and his film crew are hacked to pieces by this satanic cult.
Nell (Ashley Bell) wakes up dazed and confused in some suburban family's house and is transferred to an all girls house in New Orleans.
I do like the concept this film has, formerly possessed girl trying to recovery and re-enter society has a normal human being. I just wish it was done with more care. Director Ed Gass-Donnelly decided to direct this film with steady cam and as we all know *cough Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows cough* found footage to conventional film making doesn't translate well. This movie proves if not, blatantly beats us over the head with a pipe that this theory is still true. Ashley Bell is amazing no question about it. She plays the role with a look of innocence as we watch her progress and see her convey fear as she did the previous film which was fantastic. 
The scares in this movie are mostly jump scares. Jump-a-thon 2013 as I call it, cause there is nothing scary about this movie other then the jump scares which consist of loud noises and sudden cuts to a certain character.
Nell starts to have memories of her former past as she finds people watching her in Mardi Gras masks. Then the girls at the house put on a YouTube video of the footage from the previous movie. Who put that on the web? Did someone recover the footage? Who? that question is never answered sadly.
So Nell is convinced that the demon Abalam is back due to the cliché oh, a man died in front of me for no reason, her attitude changes and the boy she rejected at work decides to commit suicide. 
The big reveal is one of the worst I have ever seen, (Spoiler Ahead) I could not believe my fucking eyes when the twist came. The demon is in love with her. THE FUCKING DEMON IS IN LOVE WITH HER?!? Listen, I can take demon rape as I saw in Paranormal Entity, I can take demon attachment but I draw the fucking line at demon love. 
Upon revealing this Nell agrees to part take in an exorcism with a stranger she just met that's part of this other cult called the Order of the Right Hand. They try and fail which results in the most boring exorcism since The Rite. Hell, even the fucking Devil Inside had more interesting shit in it. So the people doing the exorcism just go well fuck it, lets kill her, which I must say is kinda funny. Nell then gets told she was born a tiger by the demon Abalam and goes and murders everyone making tiger noises and grunts...a possessed chick making tiger noises? HUH!?!?!?!
Now, the final scene where possessed Nell magically learns to drive a vehicle and morphs fire just by looking at things is so cheaply done, YOU HAVE SEEN BETTER FIRE in Nintendo 64 games then the CGI fire in this film. It felt like a rough cut, that's how bad it is.
All the kills are off screen to achieve the PG-13 rating and and and you know what FUCK THIS MOVIE

  this movie out 5

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