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Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Horror Web Series Comes With A Dark New Take On The Apocalypse

A new web series is set to take off called In The Valley Of Ashes and it shows great promise in delivering something new and realistic.
We caught up with Zach Ramelan to talk about his company REC Films and what this new series is all about.

Horror Connection: Have you filmed the entire series yet? Are you guys still trying to get funding?

Zach Ramelan: "So right now we just shot the first episode as a money maker and were gonna release it in about a week and a half. Then were going to open up an indiegogo page so we have money for our next four episodes." 

HC: Where are you going to release this film?

Zach Ramelan: "The mini series will be posted up on Joshua Chislett Films Youtube page but you can follow us on Facebook, In The Valley of Ashes web series on Facebook, you can like it. All the updates will be published on that page." 

HC: Where was this series shot?

Zach Ramelan: "We shot in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and yeah the first few episodes will be shot between Guelph and Kitchener, but were hoping to start shooting in Brantford and other places in Ontario. Which is gonna be exciting." 

HC: What makes this series different. We have seen a post apocalyptic world before, we have seen people trying to survive it, what makes this series stand out?

Zach Ramelan: "I think in this series we're trying to develop the characters. I think it's more of the bitter sweet story, it's a little bit more realistic then the average post apocalyptic story has, I mean a lot of em have a happy ending and a romantic story going in. [In The Valley Of Ashes] is very dark, it's very serious and it's very real. That's the vibe were going for. We want that sleek Hollywood look but we want to give it that indie flare and I think we achieved that through our cinematogarphy." 

For more information on this web series you can check out there Facebook page here

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