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Monday, May 6, 2013

The Crow Script Reviewd: It's Terrible

The Crow remake script has been reviewed. Yes, we know its just a script and there will probably be some adjustments made, but What The Fuck. I made a list of everything that just doesn't work in the script. Again THIS IS JUST A FIRST DRAFT.
Below is what you will find to be in the script. There will be changes we all hope.

  • Eric Draven is not a rock muscian he's a police officer.
  • Killed on side of the road as he was going to purpose to his lover Shelly.
  • They both grew up in a christian orphanage.
  • Eric can quote bible verses from memory.
  • starts off with him becoming the crow in the first five minutes.
  • They take in a boy this time named Jason who they look after now he's on the police force that Eric is on. 
  • Eric notices his change when he doesn't see his reflection in the mirror so to see himself he paints himself and puts on his tuxedo and then the crow comes on his shoulder 
  • he has ghost powers so he can see posses people 
  • quoted in the script as a reverse spider-man? (I don't even know what that means)
  • Like a mess of garbage from The Crow graphic novel combined with the first draft of The Boondocks Saints mixed with pages of a gothic teenagers poetry book

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